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Calibrated Underpacking Sheets

Der Unterlagebogen
Colour coded underpacking papers from MarksZet supplied in pre-cut sizes to suit all presses in packs of 20 sheets.
When using conventional compressible offset blankets it is of critical importance that the Calibrated Underpacking Sheets are "hard". A high increase in the tone values, movement and doubling are the consequences of using a normal paper quality underpacking or offset underblankets. Also an increased walking movement of the blanket could lead to severe build up of heat in the press and cause problems with the ink / water balance, fluctuating positioning stability and over a long period of time this will cause damage to the press bearings.
The advantages of our calibrated underpacking sheets:


Available thicknesses:

  • Calibration removes uneven sheets
  • All papers are absolutely equivalent in hardness and thickness
  • Fulfil ISO standards for calibrated materials
  • Tolerance lies below the required value of ± 0.01 mm/m²
  • Patented colour coding of the various thicknesses:
    • Simplify the setup of printing machines
    • Avoid production errors
    • No measuring tools required
  • 10 different strengths for an optimal contact pressure
  • Anti-slip coating prevents shifting of the underpacking sheet
  • Complete impregnation
    • Prevents the penetration of humidity
    • Prevents undesirable swelling
  • Guarantees a high paper hardness through the calibration process
    • Pressure resistance in excess of 60 t/cm²
    • Avoids high dot gain for ensuring highest printing quality
Thickness Ref. no.   Colour
0.075 mm 021210
light blue
0.100 mm 021220
0.125 mm 021230
light brown
0.150 mm 021240
0.175 mm 021250
0.200 mm 021260
0.250 mm 021270
0.300 mm 021280
0.400 mm 021290
0.500 mm 021300