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Chemicals for Presensitized Plates

Concentrated preparation meant to prevent foam from forming in any kind of water-based solution. Used at the rate of 0,5-1% max, it is efficient up to the reconditioning of the solution. The preparation does not have any symbology of physical and toxicological risk.


Remover in paste, pink colored, odorless. It is able to erase all presensitized positive plates. Easy to remove with water.It does not dry on the plate's surface in case of large masses of cancellation and does not cause problems of machine standstill due to unwanted inking on the erased parts. Does not spread.

New generation ready-to use developer. It has remarkable features of durability and constant effectiveness, together with a non-aggressive approach on non-exposed emulsion. Furthermore, it has the special particularity not to "cristallize" on the rolls and on the surfaces of the developing units. Its prolonged use allows to clean even old incrustations originated by previous developments. Formulated to use on ctp plates.

New generation developer in ready-to use form. It has striking characteristics of duration and steadiness of result, together with the NON aggressivity on the non exposed emulsion. Furthermore, it has the special peculiarity not to “cristallize” on the rollers and on the surfaces of the developing machines. Its prolonged use permits to “clean” even old incrustations created by previous developments.

Developer in concentrated form with advised dilution of 1+4 with water. Can be used pure as a regenerator.

Highly concentrated developer. Can be used 1+4 as a regenerator or diluted 1+9/10 to develop the plates. Economically valid. It is excellent also for manual use.


Concentrated synthetic gum to protect the plates during the process of thermohardening (cooking). Its special formulation allows it to be easily removed even with a thickness superior to the necessary. 



Synthetic gum, ready-to use, for the automatic developing units of presensitized plates and CTP. Its special formulation allows an effective Offset plates protection. Easy to remove with a sponge, it leaves no residuals on the rollers of the developing units, preventing mould and algae from forming.For automatic developing units dilution rate is 1+1