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Deep Etch

Basics of Deep Etching
1- Counter Etching: İt is optional but recommended. Apply Deccapente.
2- Coating: Apply Fotogum in a whirler at 120/140 rpm.
4- Development: Apply Igrogum by pad.
5- Deep Etching: Apply Acidal by pad, then squeege off the spent solution and wash with water.
6- Laquering: Apply Polarlac. Always work them thin and then dry with hot air.
7- Developing Ink: Apply Polernero.
8- Clearing : Apply Deccapente


Deep etch solution for Lital regular and Microal anodized plates.


Positive plate sensitizer, gum based. To develop use IGROGUM.

Developer soution for offset plates. Fast gradual and detailed development of the image non influenced by ambient conditions.

Positive lacquer, acid and abrasion resistant. Stron adhesion to the metal surface is insured by strong polar groups.

Developing ink for offset plates. It will withstand the acid nature of clearing and etching solutions.


Counter etching solution for plates.