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Planatol Adhesives

Planatol offers contact dispersions for the most varied areas of application, including, for example, glossy film lamination, adhesive tape manufacturing and automotive equipment. The wide range of uses for the company's versatile adhesives provides numerous opportunities for new areas of application in the future.

In many cases, PU dispersions replace PU adhesives that contain solvents. Low migration adhesive systems are required in the food industry. The high quality PU dispersions fulfil these requirements as well. By incorporating crosslinking agents, it is possible to fine-tune specific properties such as heat and water resistance.

Planatol has been a successful developer and manufacturer of adhesives based on dispersions, acrylates, latex and dextrins for almost 80 years. We are constantly updating our products.

Dispersion adhesives are known for their limitless ability to provide good and durable adhesion. Planatol offers a comprehensive range of products for the most varied and challenging applications in the adhesives processing industry. Likewise, Planatol adhesives for machine-made perfect binding and manual book manufacturing are unmatched in terms of quality and workability.

Aqueous PU dispersions are used as adhesives and as coating media for products such as leather, paper, flexible packaging and textiles.

The aqueous PU dispersions by Planatol have excellent bonding properties that succeed in providing adhesion on difficult materials where other systems fail.


Processing PUR requires special equipment and expertise. Our applications engineering department provides customers with individual assistance, extensive informational materials and experienced technical support.

Planatol has been developing PUR thermoplastic adhesives for years and produces them in a certified, state-of-the-art agitator unit in the company's own production facility.


PUR thermoplastic adhesives for machine-made perfect binding are always used when conventional adhesives fail:

  • for thickly coated paper with grammage above 130 g
  • for foil paper
  • for digitally printed paper
  • for full-surface printed sheets
  • for book blocks containing foil / film

PUR thermoplastic adhesives are still soft after processing, but harden over several hours due to a chemical reaction with the paper fibres and humidity from the environment, resulting in a flexible, extremely firm product under extreme temperatures.

PUR thermoplastic adhesives are also used in the timber and furniture industries due to their tremendous ultimate strength and durability. Planatol PUR is also available for manufacturing finished parquet flooring and for double-ply veneer.

  • S-PUR 2954
    The new VOC-exempt for perfect binding
  • PUR 2880 W
    The white all-purpose adhesive, equally suited for roll coaters and slot-die coaters, also for difficult papers
  • PUR 1142: the new PUR adhesive for an excellent lay-flat behaviour: ideal for the use in photo books, illustrated books and other high-quality books
  • PUR 1265: PUR adhesive that can be used without restrictions at working temperatures below 100°C - this helps to reduce energy and emissions.