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Dampening Covers

Grafik Kimya gives the most attention on the dampening covers because it is one of the hearts of the printing sector. 

You are cleaning your dampening covers with gasoline and carpet metal brush which have metal hairs, you are killing your dampening covers. We can solve this problem: Damper wash can provide you easy clean without carpet brushes even with your hand, by this you will not harm your cover and increae the life of the cover 4 and 5 times 


A top quality cover that retains larger amounts of water, enabling the printer more tolerance when dampening the plate.

Advanced new fibre technology sets it apart from other dampening sleeves.Provides the ultimate in slip-on, shrink fit design and  and also easily gets apart from the roller. Its unique fibre system delivers unprecedented control of ink/water balance. gold sleeves are long lasting.


Made of special synthetic fibres with excellent water handling characteristics. Precise water absorption allows the exact amount of water to be supplied to the printing plate, eliminating dot distortion and giving perfect results. On fitting, wetting the cover causes it to shrink tightly on to the roller and removes the possibility of slipping and twisting. The cover is lint-free, has excellent wear resistant properties and is easy to clean.  Greenline sleeves are long lasting.


This elastical cover gives the perfect solution.