Since 1964...

Rubber Suckers


We supply suction cups, printing press parts and accessories for many different printing, collating, and mailroom machines:

A. B. Dick Komori
Astro Machine Envelope Feeders Macey
Aurelia McCain
Bourg Modulen Collator Miehle
C & P Miller
Chief Muller
Cummington Multilith
Davidson Phillipsburg
Dexter Royal Zenith
Didde Glaser Ryobi
Duplo Collater Sandmar Envelope Feeders
Fuji Sheridan
Hamada Solna
Harris Speiss Feeders
Heidelberg Superchief
Horizon Collator Toko
Kluge Webendorfer

If you don't see your machine listed, please send a sample and we'll be glad to help identify it.